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A clean and safe working environment with Dormatec Aircleaners.
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Advantages of Dormatec Aircleaners:

Dormatec Aircleaner AOF USP NL750

These Oil Mist Filters have been given new specification numbers and are available as AF-10P, AF-20P en AF-30P. To answer the demand for even greater capacities, there has also been one since the summer of 2016 AF-40PL available. This Aircleaner is equipped with a PL filter that has an enlarged filter surface of 200% compared to the standard P-filter.

Technical specifications Oil Mist Filters

Unit Motor Air flow Noise level Filter effect Weight
AF-10P 0.2 kW 11 m3/ Min 65 dB


42 kg
AF-20P 0.4 kW 18 m3/ Min 69 dB 99.97% 47 kg
AF-30P 0.75 kW 29 m3/ Min 70 dB 99.97% 65 kg
AF-40PL 1.15 kW 40 m3/ Min 71 dB 99.97% 80 kg

The first stage filter

The innovative cleanable first stage filter is made of different layers of stainless steel stretch material. This structure creates a deep filtration that separates very small mist particles. In order to further optimize the filtration of mist particles, the air flow is first fed to the element by means of a tornado effect. This 'tornado' plate is mounted on the end of the filter element. Due to the stainless steel version, the element can be easily cleaned to be reused afterwards. Disassembly and assembly of the element is easy and simple.

EMO Milano 2015

To introduce the new appearance and optimizations of the Dormatec Aircleaner, the AF-Series have been presented on the EMO Milano 2015. In the film below is a small introduction of the operation of Oil Mist Filtration:

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