Aircleaner Dormatec

Significantly reducing the virus concentration in the indoor climate and reducing the risk of infection - that is what Dormatec's electrostatic filter system stands for. The extracted air is optimally cleaned according to the proven separation principle. The filtration system is characterized by a long life and durable performance.

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In our workshop, the used machine is fully checked and (if necessary) provided with new quality parts. After extensive testing and a thorough final inspection ...

Do you want to clean your CNC machine and coolant easily, quickly and effectively?
This is possible with the Dormatec UV330 industrial liquid and chip vacuum cleaner.

Go for the promotional price, but rent is also possible.

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Aircleaner Dormatec

With a large box full of aluminum chips in the back of the car, Loek Claessens and Robert Schoonbro from Nordson Benelux made their way from Maastricht to the open house in De Goorn (NH) at the beginning of November 2019. The goal of their long journey: to test with a briquette press from Dormatec to see if this could solve their chip problem.

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Oil and tension pistons

New in our assortment: Industrial Oil and Span suction extractor.
This mobile liquid, filter and exhaust system is used for the quick and thorough removal of chips and liquid from machine tools and the simultaneous filtering of the coolant.

Briquetting press Dormatec

The briquette press is able to reduce the volume of your chips by up to 85%. In addition, the operating conditions and recovery of cutting oil are significantly improved for environmental technical reasons.

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Aircleaner Dormatec

More spindle hours and less downtime have been central themes in the pursuit of higher efficiency in machining production for years. More and more turning and milling machines are being automated for that reason and therefore 24 / 7 is being used.

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Band filter options

An optimal machine process requires the elimination of contamination such as chips, oil and other small contaminations. Continuous cleaning and cleaning of coolant prevents sickness in personnel, smelly cooling water, corrosion on workpieces, clogging of cooling channels and the wearing out of tools.

Profluid Oil Separators

Prevent bacterial growth in your coolant system.

Regulary cleaning and separating oil and emulsion prevents health problems, badly-smelling cooling water, tool corrosion, blocked cooling channels and excess wear in machine components.