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Thinking about the health of your staff with Dormatec Aircleaners

Pampering employees

By serving as a forward warehouse for customers, machining center Oostwegel can bundle production and work more efficiently. In addition to the introduction of this new revenue model, the company pays a lot of attention to staff well-being. In this context, the machinery has been equipped with Dormatec extraction systems in recent months.

Thanks to the chip press, Scen can produce unmanned for a long time without any problems.

Scen finds stable machining process next to machine

With high-pressure pumps, emulsion coolers, extraction systems, belt filters and a chip press, Scen is able to make the machining process more stable, efficient and accurate. The supplier has grown strongly since 2014, which means that the floor area in the factory in Zoetermeer is now well filled with processing machines.

Manuel Schippers about ecological footprint in Solutions Magazine

Manuel Schippers about ecological footprint in Solutions Magazine

By making smart use of technology, manufacturing companies can both lower their costs and reduce their ecological footprint. For example, if you only have to dispose of 1.000 liters of your 80 liter coolant bath as chemical waste, this saves both costs and environmental impact.

The 5.000 liter central filter tank (the white tank) with compact belt filter (on the right) and oil separator (on the left on the tank); all of this controlled by the master control (center).

Central coolant system for Peekstok in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht

Peekstok in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht has commissioned an automated central coolant system for the machinery. Dormatec's Coolant Management works with one central filter tank and eight substations that recondition the emulsion 24/7 on eight CNC machines.

HFI produces in two identical cells, each built around a Doosan TT1800SY.

Turn key project automated production HFI Precision Technologies in Groenlo

HFI is looking for partners who supply and guarantee a stable process in machining. Such as for the automated production of a complex automotive product in 15 different variants, for which Dormac CNC Solutions has developed two production cells.

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