Green Light Machining can yield productivity gains of 10 to 15% for an investment that can be recouped within a year. Dormatec delivers the equipment for this, and it can be installed with both new and existing machines (retrofit) by well-establisched machinery suppliers.

What kind of systems do I need for that?

1. High pressure systems
High pressure pumping systems direct cooling water straight against the tool tip at 70 bars, so that chips break off sooner, chip curls no longer interrupt the process, tools last longer and the machining capacity greatly improves.

2. Coolant chillers
Coolant-based coolers increase thermal machining stability, which not only improves repetition precision but also greatly improves productivity.

3. Aircleaners
By removing oil and emulsion mist from the machine, aircleaners create a healthy working environment. They effectively channel of heat and unpleasant smells and make it possible to re-use emulsion.

4. Coolant filtration
Regulary cleaning and separating oil and emulsion prevents health problems, bad smelling cooling water, tool corrosion, blocked cooling channels and excess wear in machine components.

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