With more than 1300 employees at 14 locations, LTA Luchttechniek, part of the JUNKER Group, is one of the world's leading companies in the field of machine and installation technology for the metalworking industry and are pioneers in the field of filter systems for industrial air purification. A powerful partner for Dormatec and its customers.

When it comes to clean air in the workplace, LTA Lufttechnik GmbH sets the standard worldwide. With LTA by your side, you can solve practically any air filtration task. After all, as a technology leader, LTA is master in this field. LTA carries out continuous research, development and production and is a household name in the mechanical and industrial engineering industry with more than 35 years of experience.

For the filtration of aerosols, the electrostatic oil and emulsion mist filters are favored by industry and trade. These are not only characterized by a very high efficiency (more than 99,97%), but also work with fully washable filter elements that are virtually pressure loss-free. This makes it possible to limit the power of the transport fans to a minimum, while the disposal costs are limited to the dirty water when cleaning the filter elements. The fact that only a minimum of refrigerant is lost during the transition to the gas phase during the electrostatic precipitation is another positive effect.

In applications where electrostatic filtration systems can only be used to a limited extent (for example, flash point of the oil below 120°C), mechanical solid filters are used. The aim here is to optimize the flow conditions in such a way that an optimum suction power with a high separation effect can be achieved at low volume flows. Thanks to these optimizations it is possible to ensure that the aerosols are captured with a minimum of energy and also to maximize the life of the filter elements.

LTA's mechanical dust filter systems are used to capture and separate all types of dust and smoke. They are used for simple industrial applications, but also for complex industrial requirements and filtrations with special customer specifications.

The VC 60 air purifier is suitable for reducing virus concentration, bacteria, pollen and other germs. Long-term reliability for health and well-being. Significantly reducing the virus concentration in the indoor climate and reducing the risk of infection – that is what the electrostatic filter system stands for. The VC 60 electrostatic air purifier is ideal for efficiently filtering harmful substances from the air in busy areas such as production sites, meeting rooms, canteens or open-space offices.

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