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Serious manufacturers aim to maximise their spindle hours: the green light on the three-colour signal lamp must be lit as much as possible. Green Light Machining stands for process optimisation in machining production. That calls for systems that ensure that the process continues uninterrupted (less downtime), the number of spindle hours increases, the quality is maintained at a consistently high level and productivity rises!

Green Light Machining Products:

1. High pressure systems
High pressure pumping systems direct cooling water straight against the tool tip at 70 bars, so that chips break off sooner, chip curls no longer interrupt the process, tools last longer and the machining capacity greatly improves.

2. Coolant chillers
Coolant-based coolers increase thermal machining stability, which not only improves repetition precision but also greatly improves productivity.

XNUMX.Aircleaners By removing the oil and emulsion mist from the machine and / or work environment, the aircleaning systems provide a healthy work environment, heat and odors are effectively removed and emulsion can be reused.

4. Coolant filtration Regulary cleaning and separating oil and emulsion prevents health problems, bad smelling cooling water, tool corrosion, blocked cooling channels and excess wear in machine components.

Profluid Products

Profluid is the collective name of the various High pressure pumps en oil and coolant chillers . In addition, there is also one Bag filter and a Oil separator in the Profluid category.

Dormatec has acquired European rights to sell the brand Profluid. We can provide you with the various installations, but also for the filter bags.

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