VC 60 air purifier

The VC 60 air purifier from LTA Luchttechniek (part of the Junker Group) is suitable for reducing virus concentration, bacteria, pollen and other germs. Durable reliability for health and well-being.

Significantly reducing the virus concentration in the indoor climate and reducing the risk of infection - that is what Dormatec's electrostatic filter system stands for. The extracted air is optimally cleaned according to the proven separation principle. The filtration system is characterized by a long life and durable performance.

Air purifier

Active protection

Dormatec's VC 60 air purifier reduces the concentration of viruses, bacteria, pollen and other germs in the air. The electrostatic filter system catches the disease processors, reduces unpleasant odors and has a disinfectant effect. In combination with the highly efficient HEPA after filter, the air purifier has a filter efficiency of 99.95%. The virus concentration, especially in closed spaces, is significantly reduced and reduces the possible risk of infection. The result is a pleasant and healthy indoor climate.

Efficient filtration

The VC 60 electrostatic indoor air purifier from Dormatec cleans the air in a meaningful way and efficiently filters out aerosols such as dust, smoke and mist. The extracted air is optimally cleaned and returned thanks to the proven separation principle. The air filter reliably meets all applicable industry requirements without compromise. The effectiveness of the electrostatic filter method for removing micro-organisms and biogenic substances has been confirmed by the Association of German Engineers (VDI).

Universal use

The virus cleaner VC 60 electrostatic air purifier is ideal for efficiently filtering harmful substances from the air in busy areas such as gyms, restaurants, bars, cafes, schools, classrooms, production sites, meeting rooms, canteens or open-space offices. The filtration system can also be used as a flow for optimized cooling solutions. The VC 60 air purifier is characterized by a long service life and durable performance.

 aerosol filter for workspace

Application high-quality virus cleaner VC 60 air purifier:

  • Gyms
  • Restaurants
  • pubs
  • cafes
  • Schools
  • Classrooms
  • Production locations
  • Meeting rooms
  • canteens
  • Conference rooms
  • Open space offices


UnitElectrical connectionExtraction capacityRoom sizeFilter effectivenessWeight & Dimensions
VC60 230V 600m3/ hour up to 125mor 300m3 99.95% approx. 90 kg. | 500x500x1700mm

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