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The briquetting press, or briquette press, can work on metal chips such as steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, bronze, but also on polymer and wood chips. The processing of the metal chips fully complies with the materials recycling policy, improving operating conditions and cleaning the working environment.

The briquette press is able to simplify chip recovery and increase its value. Reduce the volume of your chips with our briquette press by up to 85%!

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Technology behind the briquetting press

  1. Volume advantage
    • The briquetting process provides significant space savings for the storage of the chips and a significant saving for material handling.
  2. Recovery emulsion
    • During the compaction, the cutting oil present in the chips is recovered and can therefore be reused with considerable advantages for the company.
  3. Economic value
    • Briquette chips are subject to a lower oxidation. This results in a higher yield of the briquette in the ovens, resulting in an increase in the economic value of the material. In addition, the use of the briquetting press means that the briquettes are less polluted and can therefore be worth more.
  4. Logistics and environment
    • Because the cutting oil or cooling emulsion has been recovered and can be reused, this means that there is little or no emulsion present in the chips. Your logistics partner will be more inclined to transport the briquettes for environmental reasons.
  5. 24/7 Handling
    • No staff deployment during the evening hours or during the weekends, because the chip bins no longer need to be emptied

Operation of the briquette press


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