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In addition to the compact briquette press, there are chip presses for larger volumes. With the hydraulic and mechanical chip presses from Weima you can press a variety of organic and non-organic materials into round or square briquettes. Users of these presses include recycling companies, furniture makers, wood processing companies, metal workers and companies in the automotive industry and in agriculture. Materials that can be pressed into briquettes are, for example, wood, plastic, paper, cellulose, metal and biomass (among others), without the need for binders. 

Briquetting presses for large volumes

Storing and processing production waste costs (storage) space and money. With the use of a briquetting press you save on both! Depending on the throughput and intended use of the briquettes, the briquette press can be configured to produce briquettes of a particular size and shape. All briquetting presses have a robust construction and require minimal maintenance. In addition, they can be easily integrated into any production line. 

Weima briquetting presses

  • C series | Production volume of 50 - 80 kg per hour
  • TH standard series | Production volume> 80 kg per hour
  • TH industrial | Production volume 400 kg per hour
  • TH M series | Especially for the metal industry

View the here Specifications of the Weima briquetting presses.

WEIMA Overview dormatec

Advantages of briquetting:

  • Reduce the volume of your chips by up to 90%
  • Reduce the cost of chip removal
  • Cost savings for logistics expenses
  • Increase in turnover due to the shape of the briquettes
  • Recovery of coolant or emulsion 

How do Weima briquetting presses differ:

  • Intuitive operation of the machine
  • Short amortization period
  • Compact and hard-wearing design
  • Robust against impurities
  • Integration in production lines
  • Very high pressures

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