Industrial liquid and tension piston

The industrial liquid and clamping suction dredgers from Dormatec are designed to extract coolant, chips and oil from the machine sump. They filter the chips and pump the filtered refrigerant back into the machine container, so that it can be reused.

Advantages of an industrial liquid and tension piston

  1. Reduction in cleaning time for CNC machine bins
    • Thanks to the high suction speed of the various liquid and clamping suction dredgers (and suction accessories), it has never been so easy and quick to clean the CNC sump and table.
  2. Guaranteed clean CNC machine
    • Sucks chips and coolant together, so that both the CNC sump and the table are always kept clean.
  3. Extends the service life of coolant
    • Regular use of a liquid and tension piston ensures both a longer use of the coolant in and an improvement in the performance of the CNC machine.
  4. Controlling bacterial growth
    • Reduces bacterial growth when the fluid and clamp piston is used regularly. This improves machine performance and reduces downtime.
  5. Possibility of cleaning large volumes
    • Simultaneous suction and discharge thanks to vacuum motors and drain pump.

Operation of liquid and tension piston


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