Liquid and chip vacuum cleaner OILVAC 450HV

Industrial vacuum cleaner OILVAC 450HV
Industrial vacuum cleaner OILVAC 450HVIndustrial vacuum cleaner OILVAC 450HV

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The new Oil & Chips line-up is designed to meet the maintenance and cleaning needs of modern mechanical workshops. A large number of models are available, single or three phase, with a power range from 1 to 12,5 kW with capacities for liquids and solids from 60 to 450 litres.

The OILVAC 450HV incorporates decades of experience in the mechanical sector along with unique and innovative elements. The OILVAC 450HV is equipped with a 5,5 kW two-stage side channel blower and is suitable for maintenance and cleaning of medium and large machine tools or several machines in succession, without repeatedly emptying the large liquid collection tank. It has a second stage of fine filtration with reusable or disposable filter elements in different filtration efficiencies.

The Industrial liquid and chip vacuum cleaner OILVAC 450HV has the following advantages:

  • Rotating suction inlet
  • Electrical panel for machine operation
  • Holder for hose
  • Tank inspection door
  • Floating mechanism for automatic pump and suction stop
  • Secondary filters with adjustable filter effectiveness (optional)
  • Expandable steel sieve grid for chips
  • Simple and clean chip tipping system
  • Oleo hydrophobic rigid filter 

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