About oil mist and emulsion mist

What is oil mist and emulsion mist?

Machining Doosan SMX5100In many machining operations, water-miscible (emulsion) or non-water-miscible (oil) fluids are used for both cooling and lubrication. When processing, for example, metal with a type of lubricating oil, oil mist and emulsion mist are created.

Particularly due to rotating spindles, rotating tools and the use of internal cooling systems, often equipped with high pressure, a very fine oil mist or emulsion mist is created in the processing area of ​​the machine.

In terms of particle size, oil mist and emulsion mist can be divided into a range of 0,5 - 10 microns. In particular, the fine mist (<1,5µ) can have harmful effects with prolonged exposure.

Health hazards oil mist and emulsion mist

To minimize health risks, national and international regulations apply to emissions and exposure to oil mist and emulsion mist.

The Netherlands currently has a maximum concentration of 3 mg / m3 with regard to oil mist. The tendency is that, as with welding fumes, this standard will be further tightened in the coming years.

To efficiently remove the harmful oil mist, oil vapor and oil smoke from your machine tools Dormatec Oil mist fillers therefore a must. By using an oil mist filter in combination with an H13 Hepa Filter as a final filter step, the recycled air is purified to 99,97% at a particle size (oil mist) of 0,3µ (microns). 

A measurement on location to the current concentration or after commissioning of a Dormatec oil mist filter is possible.


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