Welding fume extraction

DUFILminiThe mobile filter DUFILmini from the brand Bomaksan are mobile filters designed for light dust and smoke applications. It captures the light dust and smoke generated by various applications at the source, thanks to its specially designed hood and with its high suction power, and filters it and returns it to the environment by capturing it before the workers have a chance to inhale the harmful substances. In this way, it contributes to a more efficient and safer working environment by minimizing the risk of occupational diseases and accidents at work.

The mobile filter units of the DUFILmini series are equipped with highly efficient 3-stage cassette filters, 360 degree rotating acrobat suction arm, radial fan with high efficiency and suction power, filter occupancy sensor and filter operating hours counter.

In some cases, mobile filters from the DUFIL series may not be the right solution. Situations with heavy dust loads and extraction of oily fumes are some of them. In such and similar cases you can consult your Dormatec representative for advice for the right solution from another series.

Welding Extraction of welding fumes Dormatec equipment

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