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Dormatec is happy to think along with you about your process optimization. Our representatives are happy to be a sparring partner. That's why we say;

"Our filtration is your health and safety. Dormatec has a suitable industrial solution for every chip, dust, smoke and oil mist problem"

In practice, optimizing your production process can yield a productivity gain of 10% to 85%, for an investment that can be paid back within a year. Just think of reducing the chip volume and recovering oil. Another advantage is that the process is controlled to a large extent, which is essential in man-poor production.

Higher cutting speeds, longer tool life and a low shut-down of the machine should ensure further optimization of the production process. From idea to concrete investment; the key to Dormatec's success is the success of its customers.dorma tag

The first reason is often cost savings and process optimisation, the smaller ecological footprint is an extension of this. Corporate social responsibility contributes to organizations keeping a critical eye on environmental issues within their own company. By making smart use of technology, manufacturing companies can both lower their costs and reduce their ecological footprint. For example, if you only need to dispose of 1.000 liters of chemical waste from your 80 liter coolant bath, this saves both costs and environmental impact. CO2 reduction also goes hand in hand with cost savings and process optimisation. The group of machining companies that critically examine the processes through these glasses is growing.

When making an investment for your lathe or milling machine, it is important that you start earning money with it. Reliability, speed and continuity of production in combination with flawless service and support are crucial for this. Everyone strives to make as many spindle hours as possible, with the three-color signal lamp burning as much as possible. This requires systems that ensure that the process is not interrupted, the number of spindle hours increases, and the quality remains high and constant. An optimal start with your machines and peripherals is a great advantage. As a result, productivity increases. We can help with that.

Dormatec Environment Systems is also the right place for advice. You can think of the following services:

  • Advice in process optimization
  • Advice in air filtration, chip problems or coolant contamination
  • Advice on cost reductions in the machining industry
  • Advice in reducing waste flows
  • Advice in separating coolants and emulsions in the field of membrane technology, vacuum evaporators to efficiently 'crack' emulsions
  • Advice on how to get the most out of the machining process, such as (oil) liquid filtration, cooling of the systems, 24/7 production and maintenance by means of oil and chip pistons to maximize spindle hours

If you have any questions or wishes, please contact us.

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